Association for Behavior Analysis International

  November 14-15

  Paris, France

Behavioral Safety Now

  October 10-12

  Houston, TX

Great Plains Safety and Wellness Conference

  September 28, 2017

  Kearney, NE

People-Based Safety in Africa

  July 21, 2017

  Johannesburg, South Africa

ASSE Safety 2017

  June 22, 2017

  Denver, CO

Heineken Global Safety Conference

  June 14-16, 2017

  Rome, Italy

11th European Conference on Behavior-Based Safety and Performance Management.

  June 13-14, 2017

  Rome, Italy

Appalachian Safety Summit

  May 30, 2017

  Boone, NC

Sumymca Safety Summit

  November 17, 2017

  Miami, FL

Western Carolina ASSE Conference

  November 1, 2016

  Asheville, NC

Behavioral Safety Now

   October 12-13, 2016

   Jacksonville, NC

Carolina Star Safety Conference

   September 16, 2016

   Greensboro, NC

People Based Safety Conference

    August 17, 2016

   Roanoke, VA

Appalachian Safety Summit

    May 17, 2016

    Boone, NC

Union Pacific Railroad

    May 5-6, 2016

    Omaha, Nebraska


Keynote Speeches

Dr. Ludwig is a dynamic, award-winning inspirational speaker with a career of keynote speeches all over the world. He specializes in engaging your audience with provocative safety stories based on a lifetime visiting worksites.

Dr. Ludwig is prepared to speak on many different safety topics depending on your  audience's interest.  Each speech is customized based on your company's messaging or conference theme.  Dr. Ludwig's engaging style and humor is mixed with case studies and data to deliver the scientific principles and real-life experiences that your audiences will remember.  

That “Zero Harm” goal on all the posters may seem insurmountable. In fact, a misunderstanding of behavioral variance can be dysfunctional for your Safety Culture. A more fruitful path is to get to the numbers behind the number… a path to get you Below Zero through employees engaging in a reporting culture. Let’s learn how some companies achieve Below Zero.

Dr. Ludwig's most popular Keynote Speeches:

If checklists are to be effective as behavior-management tools, you must manage the behavior of using checklists! Learn how to increase the Integrity of Procedure Use and Checklists.

If your a parent then you probably learned safety the hard way as your kids explored their new world.  In this fun talk we will discuss why a compliance-based culture should be replaced by a reinforcing culture that facilitates Actively Caring for others.

Ownership must be facilitated in any Safety Culture Change. Through stories and real-world examples, we'll take a journey though ownership, self-determination, and discretionary behaviors

Labeling (like calling someone "stupid") is a dysfunctional practice that kills a safety culture. Blame the worker and call out that injuries are their fault … and lose the chance to learn.  There is a better way to get at the root causes of behavior.

Understanding variance around risk teaches us how to mature your Safety Culture.  We learn the role of leaders in building the value of safety and the role of engaged workers willing to use their discretion to effect change. 

Behavioral Safety has been used effectively for decades to reduce injury in a multitude of industries all around the world.  Behavioral Safety evolved from the findings of Behavioral Science whose research has supported innovations in the field. This presentation will present the science behind behavioral safety as well as how to design, implement and evaluate an employee-based observation and feedback process.  Best practices will also be presented.

Many of our safety processes do a good job of finding recognizable hazards and risks but even the trained eye of the safety professional can miss escape paths for injuries.  Safety processes should be designed (or re-designed) to better consider Latent Hazards and Complacent Risks that are not obvious, often at the boundaries of established processes and where novelty and short cuts may conceal gaps in our safety systems.


Enform Petroleum Safety Conference.  Banff, Alberta, Canada.     

5th, 6th, & 11th European Conference on Behavior Based Safety and Applied Behavior Analysis. Rome & Verona Italy.

HSE Transformational Leadership for the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry, Abuja, Nigeria

5th Annual Safety Culture Forum at Beijing, China

 International Symposium on Behavior-based Safety and Safety Management, Beijing, China;

Occupational Health & Safety Management Summit, Bogota, Columbia;  

People-Based Safety in Africa Conference, Johanassburg, South Africa.

International Conference on Occupational Risk Prevention, A Coruna, Spain;

AmCham's Health Safety and Environment Conference & Exhibition, Trinidad and Tobego;

Behavior Management Training Leadership Conference, Darington, United Kingdom;

Behavioral Safety Now (multiple years);

People-Based Safety Conference (multiple years);

Appalachian Safety Summit (multiple years);

Union Pacific Total Safety Culture 20th Anniversary Celebration, Omaha, NB, USA

Marathon Petroleum Behavior-Based Safety Conferences, Robinson, IL, USA

FMC Corporataion, HSE Summit, Miami, FL, USA

Fairbanks Morse Engine Annual HSE Summit

Schlumberger HSE Meetings, Dubai, UAE

Safety Week Keynote, Langley Research Center, NASA, Langley, VA, USA

Newell-Rubbermaid, Safety Strategy Week, Atlanta, GA, USA

PEPSICO, Safety Leadership Workshop, Indianapolis, IN USA

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